Friday, October 30, 2009

I better blog about my birthday while we're still in the same month! It turned out to be a wonderful day, even though Steve was gone. Two of my best-est friends took me out for breakfast at a restaurant I'd never been to. Big and old, quiet and dimly lit. I ooh-ed and aah-ed and declared I'd be back with Steve. :)
High ceilings and beautiful chandeliers...
great coffee...and good friends...
Elizabeth....we were in diapers together. And in a lot of other stuff together. I'm sure there were many times our parents despaired over us.... She is now a wonderful mother herself!

Anna...who would probably murder me if she knew I posted her picture. :) She used to giggle like no other. Still does sometimes, actually! Now her little girl sounds just like her... :)
This girl should have been there, she's one of us :) What words can possibly describe or sum up our years of growing up together and then going our separate ways? I can't find the words. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, missing her... wishing she wasn't a thousand miles away...
We declared the empty chair was hers. :)

The three of us...

Steve and the boys were gone for the weekend and the girls were in school. Liz and Anna both had babysitters and we took our good old time. Sat and talked and talked, then went to Wal-mart, (since we're all three moms and had no kids with us, of course we took advantage of that and...did some grocery shopping!) Then we went to the library and checked out stacks of books. Finally got home from 'breakfast' at two-thirty. There was a gift bag on the table from another one of my dear sisters with a delightful coffee mug - which I've used consistently ever since- and deeee-licious chocolates, and a heartwarming note. Flowers from another sister and fresh bread from another. Phone calls/messages from three others. Yes, I have lots of sisters. :)
That evening at home, I made chocolate fondue for me and my girls and Lisa came over and we watched a little girl movie. It was a full day, and I felt 'loved and celebrated'. :)



  1. Love you girl! Wish so bad I coulda been there1

  2. A few of my lovely cousins. It was nice that you could have a fun day with Anna before she left.

  3. Aww this post gave me tears. :) used to be fun seeing you guys together. a jolly group. :)