Tuesday, November 17, 2009

 Thankful for beautiful weather in November.

We took our chance, loaded up the bikes and went biking. The kids were delighted!

Antoine cried big tears when he realized his bike wasn't going to work with a broken training wheel. But all was well when he got to ride with Steve. :)

my boys :)

Saw some milkweed along the way. I love how the pods look when they pop open and the seeds go floating away.

I'm still trying to convince Kalei that her shoes are cool. For a buck, brand new, you know they're cool!

And I'll leave you with one more... ;)



  1. Oh my! Before I even got to the part where you wrote about Kalei's shoes I was gonna comment on them. Please tell her I think they're AWESOME! If I was her I'd wanna wear 'em every day. Also love the pic of Antione pointing to "Fred" and of course all the rest of the pics....LOVELY post!

  2. Love them all except that last Ohio one. Go Illini!

  3. Marylou- I told Kalei and she giggled. Now she wears them more!

    Sheila- you know that last one is great! :)