Sunday, December 6, 2009

                                                              It was a beautiful snowy day yesterday. Quiet and windstill.

Transforming this place into a wonderland.

The kids wanted to go outside and build a snowman so I bundled them up. That can still be a lengthy process- their time outside usually lasts about as long as the bundling up. :) They finally got outside and then forgot about the snowman.

Why is it so fun to taste the snow? To catch it on your tongue? I don't know, but I must admit I still do it too.

Even the animals seemed to be having a good time. :)

Cameron missed out becuase he was at basketball practice. But I was right, it didn't last long and they were soon back inside asking for hot chocolate with snowman marshmallows.

The snow was also perfect for putting me in the mood for decorating the tree.

Here we are. :)

Hope you're enjoying the season!



  1. Love all the photos. The snow is just beautiful. The last one reflecting all of you in the ornament is just super!


  2. Love the twinkling lights... but seriously, those snow pictures depress me! :)

  3. Beautiful. And I love to eat fresh snow too, glad I'm not the only one. :)

  4. your christmas tree photos are beautiful! it's funny, you have all the snow pictures, then then next one under the christmas tree shots are of the beach - lol!