Monday, April 6, 2009

I love seeing dads play ball with their boys. Especially when that dad is my hubby! Not really loving the grass stains in the pants. But really, I guess I don't even mind that all that much. Antoine's getting big enough that swinging the bat doesn't topple him over anymore!

Best Buds....

Those first boquets in the spring are so sweet and delightful..."I picked these for you, Mom. Aren't they beautiful?"
And a few more lovely signs of Spring in this cold windy little corner of the Earth...

Yesterday may have been almost 70 and 'hot' (according to the kids who so badly wanted to go barefoot), but today was rainy and windy and colder, then this evening it started snowing. Oh joy...! I love Garrett County. (I do, I do)


  1. amazing pictures! miss you all..tell everyone hi for me.

  2. Hi Love, Beautiful Pics, as always, cept the big Lump in a few of them. Love ya!!

  3. Lovely photos Ellen. Makes me miss Garret CO. And miss spending time with photography. :)

  4. I love the buggy in the background, Ellen!

  5. I do too Lisa. Without really even thinking about it, you know these pictures were taken on a Sunday. :)