Friday, April 17, 2009

Taking another jog down memory lane...Gramma's house just has so many memories. I sat and watched her many times using this sewing machine. She used to sew 'mutza' for men in church and if a dating boy showed up at Gramma's house (which was in plain sight of our house- just across the yard) then us kids were in on a secret. Engagements were not announced until two weeks before the wedding, but no suit coat and vest and pants could be sewed in such a short amount of time so they had to be ordered before the two weeks prior. And I remember feeling just a little smug that we knew something no one else did. I was (and still am) amazed at the precise and straight seams she made with her machine. In my younger years I didn't think anyone else even knew HOW to make those suit coats. I can still hear that needle going up and down and hear her foot pumping on the foot pedal.How sad that handwritten letters are becoming a thing of the past. Seriously, an email is just not the same! Although I do appreciate those. :) Another treasure from Gramma's house....
And her lamp still sits on this shelf by the window. The winter or two that it was my responsibility to keep her woodbox filled I saw this a lot from outside. Glowing in the window...nice and warm inside where she often had something for me when I was finished. Most times it was a piece of bread with jam.
And this last picture is actually not Gramma's house, but another empty house. I just love the wooden porch floor and the old chairs. And it kinda' fits in with these other pictures. :)



  1. ELLEN!
    From whence cometh all this???
    YOU are a WRITER!
    Where've you been hiding this secret??
    Your posts make me feel warm and fuzzy and sad and happy and a few other things in between.
    I'm wishing you all kinds of warm, green, sunshiny, happiness! Its sooooo beautiful here today I could cry.
    Please keep posting.
    Loves and misses,

  2. Hey! Wonderful post... I love the pics. I am getting into photography in an ametuer sort of way, but my main subjects/interests is cowboys.=) anyways, good to catch up with you a bit! =) don't know if you even remember me...
    Kay (Miller) Schrock

  3. marylou- that's quite a compliment, coming from you!
    Kay- yes, I remember you :) Cowboys are a great subject- I'd like to see some of your pictures...

  4. Oh, Ellen!
    I must echo Mary Lou! Your posts always make me feel like weeping with sentimental and other unspoken things.. They are beautiful.. inspiring,, keep on...
    Lisa Petersheim

  5. O my, this takes me back! Woodbox filling, lamp glowing, jam bread. . . Such totally precious memories of a time in life when you never thought about it that things might actually change sometime. Awesome pictures!