Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

We actually got to see fireworks down at the lake again this year. The last few years it rained and they canceled. The lake is always full of boats. We'd love to be able to be on the lake sometime to watch them, but we don't own a boat or know the right people. :) Kalei was sick, but she still wanted to go, so we left and before we got there, she threw up a couple times. (I was prepared for that, so all was well!) Then she felt better, so we went on and had a good time. I got the best fireworks pictures I've ever gotten. Since you only get about half an hour once a year, (if it doesn't rain) there's not much time/opportunity to practice!

By the time we got home, I was feeling quite sick myself. I collapsed into bed and prayed there would be no more throwing up by anyone. Steve graciously assured me that he would take care of anyone needing anything during the night. He ended up being the only one going to church today. Bible school starts tomorrow morning- I hope we all feel fine till then....



  1. Ellen,
    Thanks for the fireworks! I didn't see any this year at all.. It sounded like a rough forth for you, though

  2. Like Lisa, I didn't see any this year either.
    So thank you for the service you provided! :-)
    See ya this weekend!

  3. Hah. I was having a miserable time by my lonesome in Belize. :( And Lisa, that's fourth. :) Ellen, your pictures are insane. (That's a good thing) :)

  4. Mallory was sick on the 4th this year also. We did get to watch the fireworks in Hopedale, IL this year...we get to sit in my in-laws back yard to see them.