Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last weekend, after the Miller Reunion, Kalei went to Lancaster with Jeff and Larissa. Then on Monday Cameron left for Ohio, Steve left for West Virginia/Kentucky and Victoria, Antoine, and me headed to Lancaster with Steve's mom and sisters. They talked me into going to their house for part of the week since Steve was gone anyway. :) I felt a bit lost for a little bit there with my family scattered 'to the winds'. When we finally got to mom's house, Kalei was waiting for me with these beautiful roses that her and Larissa picked from Larissa's Grandma's garden. They were so beautiful and smelled so good! And I forgot to bring them home with me....
yummy picnic food....
We had a lazy week. Carolyn spent so much time playing with the kids and going on walks with them. I read, shopped a little, slept in, and had a wonderful surprise from MaryLou. :) We went on a picnic one dayand saw this baby miniature horse at a farm along the way. On our way back, we stopped and asked the girls who were outside if we could look at their horse. They said we could and even went out to the pasture to bring the horse over to fence so we could see it better. It was unbelievably small! Like the size of a lamb. The kids were in awe!

Lots of coloring.....

And campfire time. Marshmallows, toasty toes..... :)
And this was my delightful surprise from MaryLou. Two blissful hours devoted to my feet with absolutely no effort on my part. My feet never knew what hit them. I read and ate grapes and cheese and pound cake. And sighed with happiness.... And like a fool, I could not find the words to properly express my thanks to MaryLou.
I still smile at my toes at random times throughout the day. ;) (forgive me for posting two pictures of my feet!)
Being in Lancaster helped the time go faster, but the week was still loooong. I couldn't even talk to Steve because they hardly had any cell service where they were at. But the week did finally come to an end and Steve is back where he belongs. Cameron is coming home tomorrow (finally) then we shall be complete once more. :)


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  1. Lovely feet. Ahh...sounds divine.
    I can relate to the husbandless week. Mine was just gone to Idaho and I couldn't talk to him much either. My BIL thought I was an emotional wreck, but it's been YEARS since we went that long without talking. :)