Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The ever beautiful Swallow Falls State Park. I was there again on Sunday. It was miserable and cold and wet. By the time we were done with lunch, I had almost lost my inspiration to take off with my camera. I wanted a book and a blanket and fuzzy socks. But Steve said I should take my 'stuff' and go. If it was to rainy, I could stop somewhere for coffee and dessert. (since this terrible mom hardly ever makes dessert, even for Sunday lunch) So I went. When I got there and stepped out into the mist and smelled that wonderful, wet, earthy, pine-y smell- I forgot about coffee and dessert. I wanted to roll in the pine needles instead. The rain meant there was a lot less people... :) I love to go off by myself......
Can't you tell I'm in love with all the different trails? I think I walked further than I ever did before. I really didn't remember the smaller falls, anyway.

The sun peeked out a few times.
 Top of the big falls.....
This is one of the spots I don't remember- on top of one of the falls.
By the time I left, it was much later than I realized. I dashed home and made the required Sunday evening popcorn. And warm brownies...... and watched The Waltons with Steve and the kids. Great way to top off a great day!



  1. these are gorgeous Ellen! - Patricia Nissley

  2. awwww Ellen - once again your pictures are stunning! Your pictures inspire, challenge and....and....frustrate me! :) I love to go off by myself too - I do it to much though!

  3. Oh my! Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to visit the park if I were ever in the area.

    Good luck on the I Heart Faces Sticviews contest - thanks for entering :)