Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kalei's first day of school....

That first day has come and gone. Kalei has been waiting so long to finally be able to go to school. If it were even remotely possible for me to but the brakes on life, I would. It gets harder for each one....letting them go off to school. I thought it should get easier?! I wanted shake my fist at the disappearing bus and tell it to come back.

Waiting and watching....
I think these pictures pretty much show how Cameron felt about going back to school. Or how he wanted me to think he felt. It was a change for Cameron and Victoria to this year. Different classrooms and different teachers to get used to. Cameron is in sixth grade and one of the 'big' kids now. I remember how intimidating those big kids were when I was in first and second grade. I mean, they were big, and they had been in school for years. They knew pretty much everything you need to know. Well, it looks a little different now- being the mom of one of those big kids. :)

   Grampas were gone so Gramma didn't get to watch them get on the bus. She likes to watch from the window down there. And I like it, just knowing that someone else is keeping their eye on them too.

Here she comes....
And there she goes....not feeling the tearing as her new independence starts to pull her away from me. It's like the first step to being her own person away from mom and dad. And I feel the need more than ever to get on my knees for all my children.



  1. Oh my word...Cameron just cracks me up!! Each picture of him just showed how THRILLED he was about the whole situation! =) You're a fabulous mother....and I can't wait to see you and your whole "pack" this weekend!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. I wish also that I could put the brakes on sometimes but time just keeps on going. They grow up soooo quickly.