Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm starting a new challenge for the month of October and I would love to have anyone join me! It's one picture a day... not to hard, right? :) I thought October would be a good month because it is one of my favorite months in my favorite time of year! And the garden stuff is mostly done and hopefully things will slow down a bit. :) The first day is a picture of yourself...... I HATE being on the 'wrong' side of the camera, but I'm told it helps in more ways than one (photography wise anyway) to get comfortable on 'that' side. I didn't take the picture, but I checked the settings and handed it off to Victoria, so I guess it counts. :) (and yes, that truly is snow, and the picture really was taken today. I weep...)
Here is a link to the whole list if someone else wants to do it too! :)


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