Saturday, October 1, 2011

We went on a drive today, planning to see all the gorgeous fall leaves and also go hiking. As we drove higher and higher into the mountains to a place where Steve tells me the views are incredible and I MUST remember my camera, the temperature kept dropping and the sun disappeared. It got foggy and misty...
And suddenly my happy world came screeching to a halt....SNOW? On October 1st?
It most certainly was and the kids were delighted. :)

The first taste...

We decided it was Narnia. :)

And I was warm enough until someone ran off with my scarf...
 The stone table?

On the way back down...

And when we got back down, we stopped to get some hot drinks.  (which they didn't have and we got cold drinks. Let's just pretend we had hiked and gotten all hot and sweaty and needed a cold one) These creatures were parked beside us.
It was a good day anyway, even if it wasn't all we had hoped for. We had a good time just being together and doing something that didn't HAVE to be done. I love my little family. :) And hopefully we can go back in a week or so and actually see the wonderful views!



  1. AHH! I could take some of this delicious snow right about now!

  2. Gorgeous, Ellen! Wish I could have wandered down the same paths! Lisa ...with the snow:)

  3. Gahhhh! I can't believe it! That is too sad. Makes for some lovely photos tho! Keep blogging! And more often. Please. :)