Friday, May 15, 2009

Last evening I went with Victoria to a dinner for young authors. From all the schools in our county, there was one winner in each grade for poetry and one winner for short stories. Victoria's short story won in the second graders catagory. So the Garrett Reading Council had a dinner and awards ceremony for the winners. Author Anna Egan Smucker was there to speak and sign books and hand out the awards. Victoria was really worried that she would have to read her story to everyone there. :)
Anna Egan Smucker's book 'Golden Delicious' was signed and given to the younger winners. The older winners got a gift certificate to a local book store.

Not all of the winners were able to come, but these are the ones who were there. Swan Meadow was well represented!
Victoria also won this basket of Junie B. Jones books, which she loves!

I was just thrilled and proud of her for winning the contest. Actually, I'd be thrilled and proud of her even if she hadn't won. I think reading and writing is so good for you in lots of ways.
One thing Anna Egan Smucker told the kids was not to get discouraged if publishers send their work back with a 'no thanks'. Dr. Suess (who doesn't know and love Dr. Suess) had his first story sent back 27 times! I'm glad he didn't give up....



  1. That's so awesome Victoria!!!!!
    I want to read that story!

  2. Mallory loved reading the Junie B. Jones books also. I think it's great that Victoria wrote a story. What creativity!

    Has Victoria ever read the Rachel Yoder - Always Trouble Somewhere books by Wanda Brunstetter. Mallory likes those...they are about a young amish girl who always seems to find trouble.