Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The last time we had a complete family picture? Much to long! I need one for the wall, but would prefer one where the kids are clean and the clothes are ...... planned. But I still really like this one, maybe because it's how we usually look. :) Jeff and Larissa came for the weekend and we had a great time with them. Jeff helped Steve with the mowing at church and the graveyard and Larissa showered the kids with love and helped me cook. Saturday afternoon we went to Swallow Falls.
Wonder if anyone knows what they are doing?
Try taking a picture of these two- first you get this.....
then this....
and finally!
When we got up to the top, Antoine ran out towards the edge of the rocks and my legs turned to jello and I screamed desperately. Thank goodness Steve was closer and could grab him. I don't think he had any idea what could happen.
Here's another thing boys do....make ears behind anything getting it's picture taken. It's a toad, by the way.
A quiet moment with dad...
I think this must be the best way to go hiking

monkey see....
monkey And then needed help getting down!
The girls are amazed.....something doesn't look right...
That's more like it!
We stopped to eat on the way home, we were all tired and hungry. And stopped again after that for soft ice cream. Which was the second time that day for a select few. That's what happens when there's an ice-cream stand so close to home! Jeff and Larissa, it was great having you. Do come again. :)


On a completely different note, yesterday and today we had a little girl here who had not been here before. I guess Antoine wanted to make a good impression. He knew exactly what he wanted to wear and when it took him a little while to come back downstairs, I went to check on him. He was standing there in his room, thinking. He couldn't find the right shorts so I helped him find some others. He smiled a little as he was getting dressed then looked at me and said,"Mom, I think Lizzie is going to like how I look!"

Oh dearsy me!

They were fast friends....



  1. awww, I love these pictures!I miss everyone alot for some odd reason. :)and i miss going to oakland too. for some odd reason too. :) nice photos.

  2. Only a Buckeye would know. :)

  3. great family picture! i like what you're doing w/this blog, btw! ;)

  4. The family picture is a great idea. I'm brainstorming for a new one too.