Monday, May 18, 2009

What to do when it's late afternoon and you haven't had drop of coffee all day and your exhausted and you have four hours to drive and your sisters are about to head off in different directions? Take the advise of two nieces (thank you, Cherie and Christy) and go to a wonderful coffee shop. At least I think this is the one they said. Wallhouse in Sugarcreek. Inside the first set of doors you are greeted with heavenly aromas and two urns filled with coffee beans. Step through the next doors and swoon! The coffee was great and the ice cream..... my choice was Mocha Monkey.....and it almost made a monkey out of me, it was so good. Do try it if you ever get a'll not regret it!

Raw coffee beans ready for roasting....
My poison of choice.....
chunks of brownies and peanut butter cups, topped off with espresso....
rain outside and good friends inside...... for some reason I didn't get a picture of Lori and Andy. I was to taken up with my Mocha Monkey I guess...

Liss and I... we both look tired.

I tanked myself with coffee and started my four hour drive, which turned into five and a half. Jumping Jacks in the rain and vigorous walking through a closed mall (how fun is that?) and more caffeine and gross fries. Only to finally get home and crawl into my soft, warm, dry bed and my zapped brain would not let me sleep. But thank God I got home safe- I hate driving in the rain.



  1. Ugh.......I LOVE that place.
    The pictures are gorgeous!

  2. way to go!!!! maybe you'll come out here more often if we promise visits to Wallhouse!!!.....isn't the ice-cream far out good? - actually I think you did mention that!! :)

  3. haha...i TOLD You the ice cream was good. :)

  4. Lovely, Ellen!
    I am glad you made it home safe, I understand the terrible caffeine feeling, I was unstable after awhile:( Had a long conversation with a not so random stranger--seeking life... waited until the sun shone sweetly to drive back...can't wait to live among family again...

  5. thanks for the comments...
    Celesta, that just might work...sounds like you could get Marylou there too ;)
    Lisa, I want to hear about that. I love how you 'happen' to meet up with people...

  6. I got here via facebook. Love your photos and your blog...
    Carolyn Miller (friend of Lisa and Dorothy)